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State Compensatory Education

The purpose of the State Compensatory Education (SCE) allotment is to provide supplemental programs and services designed to eliminate any disparity in performance on assessment instruments or disparity in the rates of high school completion between educationally disadvantaged students and all other students and at-risk students and all other students.  

Statutes and correspondence related to the SCE program are listed below.  - Look for updated links and legislation on TEA's House Bill 3 web page or visit the Texas Legislature Online Statute Lookup page.


Texas Education Code §28.0217 relates to satisfactory performance on state assessment instruments and providing accelerated instruction to certain students.
Texas Education Code §29.081 defines the purpose of the program and the statutory criteria for determining whether a student is at risk of dropping out of high school.
Texas Education Code §29.089 allows school districts and charter schools to fund mentoring programs with state compensatory education funds.
Texas Education Code §42.152 provides the method for TEA to calculate school district and charter school allotments and establishes certain additional uses for the funds. 
2015–2016 State Compensatory Education Funding and Implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision (To the Administrator Addressed Letter dated April 4, 2014)
Student Success Initiative and Accelerated Instruction (To the Administrator Addressed Letter dated April 9, 2014)
Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Part 2, Rule §61.1027 related to the eligible student count for the compensatory education allotment.
Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Part 2, Rule §105.11 related to maximum allowable indirect cost.

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State Compensatory Education Resources
Ms. Teresa Hein
Director of State Compensatory Education