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Back to School 2020 » 2020-2021 Back to School Plan

2020-2021 Back to School Plan

Back to School 2020
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
We will implement increased signage around campuses promoting disease mitigation strategies, increased cleaning and sanitation practices, as well as frequent reminders of hand hygiene and social distancing. Face coverings will be required for staff and students. Zapata Co. ISD will comply with all health and safety recommendations established by the Governor, the health department, and the Texas Education Agency. Safety and health measures may be adjusted based on current guidelines and conditions.
Yes. All staff members will receive COVID-19 prevention training prior to the opening of school (By August 1, 2020).  All students will receive instruction on health protocols related to minimizing the spread of COVID-19.
Zapata Co. ISD will maintain a 7-10 student/classroom ratio for Phase I and Phase II of the Back to School 2020 Plan. 
Students or staff who test positive for COVID-19 will be sent home to recover. When notification of a possible exposure occurs, in coordination with local health authorities, the campus/district will conduct contact tracing. Based on the results, a determination will be made as to whether an entire classroom or multiple classrooms are required to quarantine. In the event students are required to temporarily quarantine, the education of these students will continue through At-Home Learning for the duration of the quarantine period.