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Texas Student Success Initiative Assessment (TSI)

Texas Success Initiative Assessment


Beginning Monday, Aug. 26, 2013, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requires all Texas public colleges and universities to administer the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI). This exam will replace the ACT Compass (TCOMP) exam at Laredo Community College.


The TSI assesses student skills in reading, writing and mathematics before they enroll in LCC in order to determine whether the student is ready for college-level courses. The test is required for all new, first-time students, although certain exemptions do apply. 


For more information on the TSI, click here.


Pre-Assessment Activity 


Before students can take the TSI, they are required to take a pre-assessment activity that will help prepare them for the TSI. Students will need to provide a certificate of completion before paying for and then taking the TSI. The certificate is provided at the end of the pre-assessment activity.


The pre-assessment activity includes tips on test-taking, strategies for answering questions correctly, and sample questions.  The activity includes three math questions, and five reading and writing questions with the option to download more sample questions.


After completing their pre-assessment activity, students can take their certificate of completion to the Bursar's Office in Memorial Hall, room 121, at the Fort McIntosh Campus or the William N. "Billy" Hall Jr. Student Center, room 127, at the South Campus to pay for their exam.


They can then report to the Assessment Center in Memorial Hall, room 130, or Billy Hall Jr. Student Center, room 245, with the certificate and their receipt to take the exam.


The cost for the exam is $18 for the initial exam. This includes the math, reading and writing exam. There is no fee for the pre-assessment activity.


After taking the exam for the first time, students can then retake the exam as many times as they like. Individual test fees are $6 per exam, should a student choose to retake only one or two parts of the exam.


Click here to take the pre-assessment activity now.


For more information, contact ZHS Counselling Dept.  at 956-765-0280.