Zapata County Independent School District

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Health Services Department

Health Services Department Goal

The goal of the Health Services Department is to improve the physical and mental health of each student by providing comprehensive health services, supplemental health education, and promoting a healthy school environment. This will be accomplished through continued effort on everyone’s part including parents/guardians, community health agencies, teachers and staff, and our own administration. The school nurse will ensure this coordinated care takes place at the campus level with the assistance of faculty and staff.


Health Services Department aims to strengthen the educational process of students by maximizing the quality and quantity of in-class time and decreasing the incidence of health-related absenteeism by both students and staff through advocacy, disease prevention, health promotion, and by removing health barriers to learning.
Fight the Flu
Head Lice 

Meningitis Information for Students & Parents

Zapata North Elementary School
Zapata High School
Fidel and Andrea Villarreal Elementary School
Zapata South Elementary School
Arturo L. Benavides Elementary School
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