Zapata County Independent School District

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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment » Meet our Director of Assessment and Instructional Support

Meet our Director of Assessment and Instructional Support

This office:
  • oversees the state assessment program.
  • supports campus administration in policies and procedures.
  • performs mandatory trainings to the district testing coordinators and district personnel on TAKS, STAAR, STAAR EOC, STAAR ALT, STAAR L, STAAR Spanish and TELPAS.
  • monitors all testing observed in the district.
  • orders and distributes testing materials to the campuses.
  • acts as a liaison between campuses and TEA.
  • provides technical assistance in regards to assessments and data.
  • is in charge of coordinating to the state assessment calendar days and working with the assessment windows.
  • establishes protocols for benchmarking materials and specific dates of testing.
  • answers questions before, during and after testing anyone may have.
  • ensures all practices and adjustments are geared towards state testing.
  • manages all instructional materials including textbooks.