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Student Dress Code

School Uniform Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is a uniform?
A school uniform is a shirt or blouse that is to be worn daily by all ZCISD students. Uniform tops must be Maroon or Gold with collar and sleeves for all grade levels.


What is a spirit shirt?
Spirit shirts are shirts or blouses that display school spirit and pride. Spirit shirts must be maroon, gold or black. They must display a school mascot/logo/name.


Can a spirit shirt or blouse have a collar?
Yes, as long as the shirt is maroon, gold or black and displays a school mascot/logo/name.


Can my child wear shorts?
Yes. Shorts are allowed in the elementary grades (Pre-K through 5th) but must not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Mesh or gym style shorts are not allowed.


My child has a tattoo, will he be sent home?
Yes. Any student displaying a tattoo will be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will receive a disciplinary consequence that may include removal from school. All tattoos must be covered at all times while in the school building. Sleeves, patches, etc. used to cover tattoos must be a solid color.


Can students show a tattoo at an after school high school game? 
Students representing their schools at school-related activities or school-sponsored events are prohibited from exposing tattoos. If the student is a spectator, he is not representing the school and will not be in violation of this code.


Can my child wear a black polo shirt?
Yes but the shirt must have a school mascot/logo/name. For the purposes of this document, “Polo” shirts are shirts that have a collar.


What is a “College Day”?
This is optional.  Wednesdays are designated as College Spirit Days. Student may wear a college/university shirt in the college/university’s official color and must display the college/university’s official logo or mascot.


Will my child be violating the dress code if he is not tucking in his shirt?
No, all shirts/blouses are encouraged but not required to be tucked. When worn untucked, shirt may not pass 2 inches below back pocket line.


Can a spirit shirt be grey? Pink?
Spirit shirts that are allowed to be used Monday through Friday can only be maroon, gold or black.


What about “Class Shirts”?
The campus principal may approve the use of a class or club shirt on Fridays only.


Will there be “Non-uniform Days” such as western day or unity day?
Yes. The campus principal has the authority to waive the wearing of standardized dress for certain days due to special events or special activities.


Will there be District Vouchers this year?
Yes. Zapata Co. ISD provides three uniforms per child per year free of charge to students who meet the guidelines. Dates and times will be advertised on the District’s website, Facebook, and local newspaper.