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Seen Bats?

ZCISD's Bat Safety and Removal Guidelines


With the school year back in full swing, Zapata CISD wants to remind students and others what to do if they see a bat on campus. Never touch a bat, dead or alive, with bare hands. If a bat is on the ground or cannot fly, it’s probably sick. In this case:
  • Isolate and keep students away from the area of the bat
  • Call the district’s maintenance department at and submit a work order through their system so they can come and capture the bat. After hours, call the If you or a custodian are able to trap the bat before maintenance arrives
  • Move students to another room or area
  • Avoid direct contact with the bat
  • Isolate the area by closing doors
  • Turn on lights
  • Wait for the bat to land, cover it with a trash can or similar container and leave it under the container until maintenance arrives