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  Zapata CISD is "Committed to Student Excellence"


In January, 2014, the state legislature beefed up the graduation requirements for high school students beginning with the 2014-15 freshman class (the Class of 2018). Class of 2018 students will be required to earn a specific number of credits, pass the state assessments (known as STAAR) and now earn an endorsement. Endorsements are career-specific paths.

While the state is requiring that public schools offer at least one endorsement, Zapata ISD already offers all five endorsements that offer students a cluster of advanced skills that fall in line with the new state endorsements.


Beginning with the freshman class of 2014-15, students must select an endorsement. This is in response to industry demands for a work force with more specialized skills. A school district defines advanced courses and determines a coherent sequence of courses for an endorsement area, provided that prerequisites are followed.

There are five types of endorsements. (See attachments below).